Chapter 15: In Which Westley Tells a Bad Joke

Princess Madison Jayne was quite frightened. She had proposed a duel of wits to save their lives, but had never, ever, experienced such a thing before. It also scared her that the old witches were so delighted by the idea of a duel. They were beside the cottage, cackling and giggling as they planned their half of the battle.

Meanwhile, Madison and the Sort-of Knight fearfully planned their next move.

“So,” Westley said, getting into the gleeful mood of the old witches. “This sounds fun. How often have you been part of a duel of wits?”

“Never. You?”

“I’ve never heard of it. Should I look in the manual?”

“No,” Madison answered quickly. “There’s no time.”

“Are you ready?” the old man screeched across the clearing, which was no longer a bright, pleasant farm, but a dark, muddy patch of earth with a decrepit shack at one end.

“Must you hurry to your defeat?” Westley called to them. They laughed at him and continued to chatter. “That was a pretty good line, wasn’t it?” He said to Madison proudly. She rolled her eyes.

“Let’s focus on the task. What riddles do you know?”

“Oh, I’m excellent at riddles,” he answered. “Are you ready?” Madison nodded. He took a big breath and stretched his arms above his head like he was stretching before a game of tennis. “Okay, here we go: Knock, Knock.”

“Westley! That’s not a riddle. That’s a joke.” Madison was frustrated and afraid.

“Are you sure? Let me see.” Westley said the entire joke to himself. “Knock, knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange who? Orange ya glad I don’t have a really hard riddle? Ahk! You are right, Princess, I don’t know any riddles at all!”

Madison felt a large tear drop down her left cheek. She brushed it away with the back of her hand and tried to focus on the task. Her mind raced through all of the adventure books she had read. She was certain she had read dozens of riddles. But she usually read so fast that she often forgot some of the exact details, and could not remember a single riddle.

As she was deep in thought, the old woman growled:

“It is time. Come with what you have, and let us duel.”

Madison’s heart lurched. She looked grimly at Westley, knowing they did not have a plan. As they turned to meet the witches in the centre of the clearing, and idea leapt into Madison’s brain. She put her hand in her makeshift travel bag and felt what she was looking for, hoping it would be enough.

“Who goes first?” the old man screeched, sounding like a fire engine’s siren stuck in a bowl of jello.

“Knock, knock,” Westley began.

“Westley!” Madison scolded, then turned to the couple. “You are the hosts, so you may go first.”

They looked at each other, rubbing their hands together and licking their lips.

“I have a riddle,” the old woman said, her voice like the sound of a bag of turnips being dragged across a bed of marbles. “Are you ready?”

The Princess and the Sort-of Knight nodded grimly. Then the witch spoke:

My face is green

My hands move quick

I pretend of need

To pockets thick

I fill your dreams

To find me near

But your heart is empty

When you hold me dear

What am I?

If you think you know the answer to the riddle, then you can find out the next part of the story. Simply type the answer after your website’s name: For example, if the answer was cheese—and it really  is not, but you can go ahead and try it if you really want to! there are some funny things up there for you to see—you would type, The only hint I will give you right now is that the answer is only one word, and no longer than your own name.

Now, if you happen to get stuck trying to solve the riddle—and this one really is much harder—and none of the adults nearby can help you with the riddle, keep on trying. After all, the life of the Princess is at stake! You can find a special clue by typing in Good luck!

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