The Choice in the Dark Passageway

It was time to choose, and Madison looked at each archway for some hint or clue as to the direction they should go. The Sort-of Knight drew his sword, hand shaking as he tried to protect them from whatever might emerge from the tunnel underneath the purple coloured arch. To Madison, they each looked as frightening, with none being more inviting than the others. Each tunnel was small, dark, and could contain great peril or miraculous escape.

What should Madison choose? Seriously, what tunnel do you think they should choose? You get to choose the next part of the adventure. Vote for which direction you think the Princess and the Knight should choose.

Congratulations on choosing. The next chapter will appear mysteriously at your door within 76.4 hours.

Published on June 29, 2010 at 2:23 pm  Leave a Comment  

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