More Clues for Chapter 15

“I have a riddle,” the old woman said, her voice like the sound of a bag of turnips being dragged across a bed of gravel. “Are you ready?”

The Princess and the Sort-of Knight nodded grimly. Then the witch spoke:

My face is green

My hands move quick

I pretend of need

To pockets thick

I fill your dreams

To find me near

But your heart is empty

When you hold me dear

Who am I?

This one is really hard! Here are some clues:

  1. I am not a person or magical creature.
  2. I am not an animal or anything else that breathes.
  3. People know me, but animals don’t.
  4. Every person knows me sometimes, but some people get lost in me.
  5. Even children know me sometimes.
  6. People who know me always want more.

If you still cannot answer the riddle, email for more clues. This one is hard–it really is an adult-level riddle.

When you know the answer to the riddle, then you can find out the next part of the story. Simply type the answer after your website’s name: You should go to just for fun.

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